From: 7.600 kr.

Due to failure in our booking engine there is only
possibility to book 1 person each time.
If you like to book more persons then after clicking
“Book Now” you can click the product name to go back
to add another person onto the booking.
Repeat if you like to book more.

Duration approx: 3-5 Hours
Departures: Every night (Weather permitting)
Available: Sept 15th – April 15th
Departure dates & time:
Sep 15th – Sep 30th | 22:00 ( 10pm )
Oct 1st – Mar 31st | 21:00 ( 9pm )
Apr 1st – Apr 15th | 22:00 ( 10pm )

Pick-up begins: 30 min before tour departure.
Please be ready for pickup in the reception at the given time

Remember to dress warmly, Iceland can be cold during winter.

We will notify by email for cancellation of tour due to
bad weather/cloud forecast at the latest
between 18:00-19:00 ( 6-7pm ) on tour date.
If the aurora is not visible during your trip
you are welcome to re-book a free trip at another date.

Due to changes by Reykjavik city council and decision
for bus ban in some streets downtown Reykjavik
some hotels or accommodations may not be accessible
for our bus‘s.
Down below is a link to a map of pickup location that
we are allowed to pickup from.
We will send out pickup list on the day of the tour with
“bus stop # – name“ under your hotel if needed.

If you are in any doubt about the pickup location don’t
hesitate in contacting us via email or phone.
Link to bus stops



Your pick up will arrive at your hotel with an expert guide at the wheel. The search for the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is on!

We start by driving to our secret spot in the pitch-black interior of Iceland. The Auroras can only be seen far away from the city lights and we will not have to travel far until the mountains provide the shadows we need. On cloudless and clear winter evenings, with luck on our side, we may be able to spot this beautiful and elusive natural phenomenon. Vivid and bright, the dancing northern lights in the Arctic skies are a sight to remember.

Highlights of the day:
The Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis